Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Life goes on

The things I did that make me stoked by working as stewardess, are that I bought a DSLR for myself, and those insane travelings.

They really do make me a different person than I was. 

Have been here for 4 years now, didn't really think of moving on to the next stage of life seriously, I guess I would miss the stewardess kind of lifestyle when I decide to go back home. However, life goes on, I always tell myself.

It's time, I think.

Have a great one!

Friday, June 14, 2013


Everything comes with a price tag, everyone knows this ugly truth. 
People work hard to earn something, to own something, money, cars, nice watch, branded bags.

But it doesn't define who we are by owning everything.
Very often, we miss very precious moments, because of that something we going after.

I don't want to be regret till then, so I kept reminding myself, and wanted to have my loved one always by my side, physically or mentally.
I want to collect moments, not things.
Life's beautiful with all those memories.
And they are priceless.

Life's good!
Don't forget to smile,
Have an amazing weekend!

Monday, June 3, 2013


It has been a long long while.

I've stopped posting new blog post, wandered around for too long, because I'm lost.

I was once very strong, and determined about my dream. And like any other people, I lost track of it.
Because I have so much to worry about. That's what stops me right there, in front of my beautiful dream. I'm afraid of falling down chasing after my dream. I'm ashamed because I gave in to the reality. The struggles between the reality and my dream, which makes me come to a halt.  Losing myself to the ordinary life. 

Then I looked back, and remind myself of the courage to let go off what I had, to go after what I really want, without hesitation. That urge, I couldn't lose it. I was like a blank paper, waiting myself to draw a beautiful path in front of me. Not afraid of the unforeseen, keep charging forward to pursue that gorgeous life. And that's where I am today, because of the decision I've made back then. It gave me opportunity to travel and see the world, to live in one of my dreams. It was the courageous me who gave me all these. 

It's time again. To make a decision. I believe I will be flying again if I let go of the fear of falling down, like a bird learning how to fly. 

And no doubt, to be a photographer is still my dream. And I will keep travelling still, because it opens my eyes and my soul, with wider and clearer mind and a opened heart. 

Time to change.

Life's good!
Happie Sunday!

P.S. Today is the darkest day in Malaysia's history. 505, the 13th General Election. People stood up for their country, took their courageous steps and thought it would make a difference for once in 57 years. However, it was beaten down harshly by the voting fraud, and the unawakened part of the nation. 

Mourned for the death of democracy, but we will never lose hope, because the people are still there, we are all still alive and I believe, one day, we could make a change.


I have been talking about dream, with myself and only myself. And it has been awhile now, since I started chasing after my dream. It took time, and I'm still waiting and trying my best to reach out. Some said, dream is like a silhouette in the light, you could never see how beautiful it is, if you stop trying to catch it.

I was having this slight hesitation about my dream till I had a long conversation with one of my friends, who has that same beautiful dream like I do. It's like all of sudden, I could see the light again. I could feel my blood is boiling again. 

Then I realised, finding an allies to share your thoughts is really important when you are on your journey towards the dream. Especially when you are alone. Talking to the allies reminds me again about the beauty of the dream, while the reality is torturing me. 

Have faith and believe in your dream can give you strength to make the leap when everybody else is laughing at your dream. No one could stop us from dreaming. Only us ourselves could kill our dream.

Let's dream, and dream big!

Have a beautiful Sunday!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

To my kids, in the future.

No matter what a little significant man you may be, 
a man must have a dream burning in his chest.

Don't give up enduring everyday,
fight against it.
Laugh and live on.
As long as you challenge the impossible,

any lifestyle is paradise!

Guess what, this I quoted from One Piece, the anime.
Tell our children to have their dreams, instead of telling them what to do.
I want my kids, in the future, to live with a dream burning in their chests.

No matter what's speed of pace you are proceeding towards your dream, as long as you have something you want to do, I'll be there for you if you need me. I will tell my kids like this.

I'll be a pretty good mum eh? *wink*

Life's good!
Have a great one!

With love,

Mummy Kate *LOL*

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